Makeover your Metabolism is the second step in the life and body igniting process.  It’s all about nourishment.  Nourishing your mind, body, and spirit through eating the foods that are best for you.  This program is ALL ABOUT YOU.  One diet does not fit all, and through using the Metabolic Typing system, you’ll discover how your body is operating at a metabolic and cellular level, and thus, what foods are best for you!  

No more dieting, no more counting calories, and no more failed attempts.


If You Are…

Sick of doing ‘everything right’ and still not seeing results
Tired of struggling and only seeing temporary results
Exhausted from getting by on willpower alone, knowing you’re about to break
Wanting real answers for dramatic and permanent success
Looking for a plan that’s specific to YOU and your unique metabolic makeup
Frustrated with all the conflicting information about what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ eat

 If this sounds like you and you’re ready to put an end to your struggle and lack of permanent fat-loss success AND you’re ready for  life-shifting ANSWERS, then this program is for YOU!


Why do I need a ‘Metabolic Makeover’?

I see so many clients come to me who are doing ‘everything right’.  They’re eating a perfectly healthy diet and exercising exactly like they should.  Yet they’re overweight, can’t drop the pounds, stuck in their routines, burnt out, frustrated, on the verge of tears and TIRED.  And perhaps the saddest part is, they’ve given up and they’ve stopped having fun.  They have started to truly believe that there are no answers, that they’re destined to be stuck where they’re at no matter how ‘healthy’ they eat


This is why I love what I do.  I’ll show you that there ARE answers, and it’s easier than you might think…(no crash dieting and no counting calories here!)

By working with me and ‘making over your metabolism’ your thoughts about ‘healthy eating’ will change.  You’ll experience effortless weight loss (instantly for many clients) when you give your body the foods that work best for you and your unique metabolism.  It’s truly like ‘magic’.

So if you’ve wished for a magic wand to wave to help you melt the pounds without dieting, stress or deprivation, this is it!

Providing your body with the exact fuel it needs (including yummy foods that were once considered ‘off limits’) is the magic wand you’ve been hoping for (and maybe even better!).

Here’s how it works…

We’ll have a full 4-weeks together to transform your metabolism and transform your entire way of thinking about ‘healthy’ eating.

Traveling, busy, or worried you won’t be able to commit to the full 4-weeks?  Problem solved!  You can move through each module at your own pace AND you’ll have life-long access to the materials and MP3 recordings.


Module 1:Counting Calories Doesn’t Count’.how to stop counting calories for good!  PLUS, we’ll stomp the most common diet myths that are keeping you stuck.

Module 2:Discover Your Unique Metabolic Blueprint.’  Learn what foods to eat to turn your body into a fat-burning machine…no exercise required!  PLUS, how to formulate your perfect fat-burning meals. 

Module 3:Ignite Your Healthy Intuition‘.  Learn how to tap into your own inner brilliance to stop the dieting-mindset battle.

Module 4:No More Cravings and No More Excessive Appetite.’ Watch cravings vanish when I reveal the formula you need to discover exactly how many carbohydrates (and what types) you need to melt the fat, super-charge your energy and banish the cravings.

Module 5:Pump-up Your Metabolic Fire.’  Identify which supplements will pump-up your metabolic muscle and which ones may have the opposite effect.

Module 6: Bye-Bye Weight-Loss Plateaus.’ Uncover blocking factors (internal, external and environmental) that may have been keeping you stuck, fat, frustrated and fatigued. 


THE GOODIES (you won’t believe what’s in store!)

What You Get(valued at over $1,100!)

-A full 4-weeks of email support, allowing you direct access to me! ($297)
-A full 20+ page report detailing your personalized and unique ‘Metabolic Type’ + a color-coded food list to help you discover which foods are best for YOU.  ($497)
Exclusive access to the ‘Makeover your Metabolism’ forum where you can share secrets with other brilliantly beautiful women going on this same journey! ($55)
-4, weekly audio recordings and/or live calls+ plenty of time for questions and one-on-one work. ($240)
-A no-drama approach to transform your metabolism into a fat-burning machine + a dramatic shift in the way you view weight loss and healthy eating, permanently.  (priceless)

PLUS….EXTRAS…for YOU! (valued at over $300!)

-Exclusive access to supplements designed specifically for YOU and your Metabolic Type. (priceless!)
-A personal MP3 recording made specifically for you that outlines your unique Metabolic Type. ($125)
Self-assessments to identify what things in your life (internal or external) may be keeping you ‘stuck’ and on the verge of tears. ($289)

That’s over $1,578 worth of life-shifting, weight-dropping material(!!!) for only $347 (or two payments of $197).

Questions?  Send them to and we’ll chat!