Work with Me

Banish the Bloat is a great, well rounded program.  It was hard the first few days, but once I got creative with my food options and with the help of the forum & provided recipes, it got easier.  At the end of the three weeks, my stomach was flat and smooth and my skin was incredibly soft & clear!  Even months later, I’ve noticed how Banish the Bloat has changed my eating habits for the long run.  I am better about listening to my body and what foods it doesn’t agree with,  I don’t crave as much sugar, and I always start my day with a tall glass of lemon water.  I now actually enjoy 90% dark chocolate, celery, cucumber, almond butter, green smoothies, and a few other foods that I ate as snacks during the program.  I still eat gluten and dairy periodically, but I have come to really enjoy some of their substitutes.  Overall, I’m very happy I did the program and I look forward to doing another in the future.

Jenny Morris