BodyRockin' 10-Day Detox

JOIN US!  Next Round Begins March 2nd…

“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.” -Joseph Pilates

This is a 10-day adventure in clean, fresh, vibrant and high-vibe eating that is designed to kick you into high gear by decreasing inflammation, banishing cravings, revving up your metabolism and skyrocketing your energy and mental clarity.  

It’s designed around pleasure, enjoyment and fun, and is a way to help you manifest and express your fullest potential and deepest sense of power.  A detox should be enlightening, inspiring, uplifting, re-invigorating, powerful and hi-vibe!  This detox is designed to be an absolute blast! (i.e. simple, connected and inspirational, with some crazy-amazing results AND crazy-amazing food!) and totally do-able!  

We have enough stressors in our lives already, and detoxing our bodies should not be one of them.  This ‘detox’ is designed to be stress-free and delicious (not a drip of deprivation to be found!).  

I will walk you step-by-step through the process so you never feel lost, frustrated, overwhelmed, or deprived!  

I KNOW we are all feeling the kick to get things re-aligned, to deflate, to re-ignite our spark and to feel re-charged and rockin’ our body and our lives once again.  If you’re feeling it too, keep reading to learn more…

This detox will be different than any I have run before.  Want to know why?

1.        It’s for us fabulous women AND MEN (yep, you can bring your significant other, boss, friend, brother, whoever, along with you!).

2.       It’s only 10-days (we can do anything for 10-days, right?!).

3.       It has 3-phases to ease you in slowly and provide dramatic results.

4.       It’s super-duper cost efficient.

5.       It’s personalized!  There will be options to do this detox as-is, or make it vegan, pescetarian, or paleo (or mix & match!).

6.       It’s centered around feel-goodness, joy, fun, lightness, and pleasure (and we all can use a lot more of that!).

Are you ready to rock your body and your life?

BodyRockin’ Detox for you: $97 (investment goes up to $147 after Feb. 25th!)

BodyRockin’ Detox for two: only $150 (investment goes up to $294 after Feb. 25th!)

Once you secure your spot, you’ll automatically start receiving your introductory emails and program materials.

Here’s what you’ll get:

-10 days worth of recipes, menu recommendations and more!

Guided action steps during each of the 10-days.

-Access to an online private forum where you can connect with other BodyRockers

Audio recordings designed to inform you and ignite you so you can get the most out of the program (both during the program, and once the program ends).

-Full, unlimited email access to me throughout the duration of the program.

-Plus, you’ll even receive tips and guidance on meditation techniques and yoga poses to help enhance and skyrocket the results of your detox.

Are you in?  Let’s Rock It!