(a $500+ value!)

Banish-the-Bloat is the first step in igniting your body and your life.  This program was created by Sara after she had been seeing the same patterns occurring in each of her clients over and over again.  What she has discovered is that the first and most essential step to any life and body changing program is to focus on gut (digestive) health.  Whether or not you experience bloating or other digestive discomfort, gut health is key to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight and your ideal life.

This is the perfect program for those who are looking to cleanse their bodies, begin to heal their guts, clear their minds, increase their energy, eliminate cravings, and gain a firm understanding of the role food plays in every beautiful little crevice of their life.  This is where the foundation is laid for Sara’s signature system: Nourish –> Cleanse –> Ignite.


Here’s what previous rockstar clients have said…

 “Already down three pounds this morning:)  I am enjoying all the cooking.  I have never been a planner and usually just throw something quick together for dinner.  Having all the groceries and menu available is helping me out so much.  No stress about what to cook for dinner.” (3 days into the program)  -San Diego, CA.

“I weighed in this morning after our first week and I am down 9 pounds!  This is the lightest I have been in 30 years.” (7 days into the program) – Iowa City, IA.

“Week 1 is behind us! I am down 4 pounds and 3 overall inches!! So amazing! Definitely pleased with my progress and can’t wait to keep going with this amazing plan!” – San Diego, CA.


Are you ready to…

-Discover the 3 main power-components you must know if you want to banish the bloat, cleanse and nourish your body, and ignite your life for GOOD

-Learn the 3 things you MUST have in place before you’ll be free to unveil the new, flat-bellied you

-Find REAL reasons you can’t get those flat abs no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise

-Know what’s REALLY bloating your belly and what you can do about it

-Explore what ‘healthy’ foods may not be so healthy for you

Discover what bloat-banishing foods to always have on hand

-Activate your body’s fat-burning furnace 24/7

Eliminate those evil and life consuming cravings and stop struggling with willpower permanently

Transform not only your body, but your LIFE

When you commit to toning your tummy and banishing the bloat for good, you’ll receive:

-A full 93-page ebook spilling all the juicy details you need to stay bloat-free for a lifetime

-A yummy, deprivation-free 21-day bloat banishing menu

-Quick, easy and delicious bloat-banishing recipes that will change the way you think about healthy eating

-The secrets you need to tap-in to your tummy-toning and fat-loss mindset

-Full email support throughout the duration of the 21-days to help you bust through those impossible plateaus

-Group calls to keep you motivated, focused and on the path toward achieving your rockin’ body with ease

For making this body-changing investment in YOU, I have included a few special bonuses….

-A 21-day action guide to take you step-by-step through each day

-Permanent access to an exclusive forum so you can connect with other brilliant-bodied ladies to keep you focused and on fire

Still unsure if this is the right fit for you?

If you’re feeling scared, that’s 100% OK…and perfectly natural!

And guess what?  Feeling fear is a sign that something BIG is about to happen.

If you follow this fear you’ll be lead to new, transformative places that have yet to be touched.  Fear keeps us ‘stuck’ because it’s comfortable, it keeps us in the ‘known’.  It serves to keep you right where you are, preventing you from venturing into the unknown; the place where your goals and desires await.

So if you’re sitting up a bit taller, your eyes are a bit brighter and your heart is beating just a bit faster, maybe this is a sign that you’re ready for this journey.

And the best part?  You won’t be doing it alone!  You’ll have the support of an amazing group of bloat-banishers who are on the same path as you – so you’ll have advice, support, encouragement, and cheer-leading when you need it the most!

Or perhaps you’re thinking it’s just not the ‘right’ time…

Let me first ask you this.  When will be the ‘right’ time?  If not now, then when? Perhaps this quote will help…

“Why put off until tomorrow what can be done today?”

Having been a fitness and nutrition coach for over 14 years now, I can assure you that ‘the right time’ will never come.

There will always be meetings, travel, engagements, financial stress, sickness and busy schedules.  It’s part of life.  What makes the difference is when you’re willing to say that you’re worth it; you’re worth the time, you’re worth the investment and it’s worth living out your dreams in every way.

Put the wheels in motion and the rest will take care of itself…guaranteed!


Before Banish I was literally thinking about leaving my career or taking a leave for  3 or 4 months because I had no energy and my weight and bad food habits were out of control. I was so run down, tired and getting depressed.  Throughout the program I could not believe how fast weight was coming off, but even better my energy was coming back. I felt like the joy and spark for my life and work were coming back. too.  I enjoyed the meal plans and tasting new foods, and I learned how to cook.  I look forward to the healthy meals. I also loved feeling sharp and positive. – La Jolla, CA.


If your heart is telling you YES, I’m READY, then jump in!   I’m SO VERY excited to have you join this amazing, life-changing and body-changing program and life-long community.

Perhaps you know someone who this would be perfect for?  Please pass along this information, we’d love to have them.

 Check out what these bloat-banishers had to say below…

“Everyone’s success stories are putting such a smile on my face. You ladies rock and are so inspirational! I’ve never been part of a small forum like this, and I can definitely say that the smaller group support and accountability has helped me stay motivated more than anything.”

“This program seems to be changing not only my body but my life.  Yesterday, I had a really great morning ….and went to bed smiling…..then, on my morning “get fresh air stroll” I was almost overwhelmed with gratitude for everything I have in my life.  My mornings used to be so chaotic and stressful, the changes Sara suggested have allowed me to calm that down and have more time to think about me and my life.  Thank you so much Sara!!!  And, thanks to my friend who encouraged me to do this program.”

Sending you lots of soul-igniting love……


“I just have to share that I actually enjoyed stepping on my scale this morning!  I’m down 1.5 lbs since the beginning of the week and that feels great. This may sound geeky, but I spent a few minutes just checking myself out in the mirror and enjoying that I think I can see results already.  That was fun!” (4 days into the program) – San Diego, CA.