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It’s time we start living the most ignited version of ourselves, and this begins with nourishing and cleansing the body, heart, and soul!  When we cleanse our body and soul properly, we can step into the world vibrantly and fully ignited in our own brilliant glow.  The health of our body, and the vibration and liveliness of our cells are directly related to our overall life experience.

Come learn more about my journey from toxicity and auto-immune illness to thriving and ignited health; and then visit the blog where you can discover programs, peruse recipes, articles, videos, and more – all designed to help you nourish your heart & soul, cleanse your body & mind, and ignite your life.  I’m so glad you’re here!  And if you’re looking to get started right away in igniting your body and your life, then check out my most popular program, ‘Banish the Bloat’, I know you’ll love it!


“I weighed in this morning after our first week and I am down 9 pounds!  This is the lightest I have been in 30 years.”


Does Travel Dim Your Glow? Try This…

In the last several emails (here and here) we’ve talked a lot about igniting your personal power. Personal power is key to igniting your life and your body. If you’ve witnessed someone who was fully and authentically in their power (I’ll define what...